Selling Your Clinic

Would You Like To Know How Much Your Hospital is Worth?

Benefits of Selling

  • Generous salary
  • Retain ability to make medical decisions
  • Keep your staff
  • Custom tailored transactions at a price that you are pleased with
  • More freedom and flexibility


  1. Free Consultation
  2. Hospital Review
  3. Proposal
  4. Legal Process
  5. Transition


We make transition a simple and easy process. You will be able to maintain your normal routine, while we educate and assist you through each integration step. We fully explain everything in the Free Consultation call.


1.       How do I get my business ready for sale?

We know what buyers like and what they do not.  We will advise you on specific cost cutting measures to improve your profitability in the months leading up to the sale, hiring measures to improve your marketability to the buyer, and prepare you mentally as well as emotionally for the sale of your business.  We will provide you documents with industry standards for costs as well as other key information.  We also provide advertising services to help grow your business (see link) and increase your valuation multiple.  You are in good hands.

2.       How long after the sale do I typically need to stay on?

Buyers typically like their sellers to stay on board for 2-3 years immediately following the acquisition.  There are exceptions, i.e. if you are a low producing doctor or if you have already hired a replacement.  As medical director, you will be absolutely critical to operating the company.  We work with you to help you to plan what your next steps should be.

3.       How will I be compensated?

You receive three forms of compensation.  The first is the purchase price, the second is your salary, and the third is the rental value of your property.  We will work with you to help you plan for your retirement and outline some of the things you would like to accomplish during the negotiations.  We will be right there to negotiate the value of each data point for you and inform you about what each item is worth.

4.       What information do I need to provide?

Due diligence is typically the most stressful part of an acquisition for the seller.  We have been through this hundreds of times.  We will walk you through both the financial and legal due diligence process step by step from the initial valuation through the due diligence period.

5.       How do I maintain confidentiality and my employee base?

Confidentiality of the sale is crucial to preserving your businesses worth throughout the acquisition process.  Tell someone too soon and they might run.  Tell someone too late and they might hold up the deal.  We know industry best practice for informing your employees.  Likewise, someone must negotiate the benefits for your employee’s so that they are as good if not better than what they are.  We will handle this.